Daycare in Covid Times: A Challenge

A Difficult Decision

Sending my son to daycare was a hard decision. We didn’t have another alternative and it wasn’t by choice. I had already extended my maternity leave and it came the time that I needed to go back to work. It is harder for me than it is for my husband. If I was given the choice and that we could have afforded it, I would have stayed home with him until things get better in this crazy world.

On the other hand, not sending him to daycare would have probably affected his development. Being in confinement is not good for us and him. He needs to interact with other people. So that was a major factor to take into consideration and that we couldn’t avoid.

Anxiety & OCD Creator

Every day I send him to daycare is terrifying for me. Covid gave me so much anxiety that someday, I feel I’m going to lose my mind. The sense of losing control of my son’s heath including ours is a major factor in my anxiety. Every day, I drop him off and I am worried that he will bring the virus home. I am sure that the daycare center is doing everything they can to avoid it, but we can’t control other kid’s caregivers. Are they careful like I do or are they the type of people who don’t care?

Already after a month, my son had to go through TWO covid-19 tests. The first time he went through it, I started to cry. I had to hold his head so he doesn’t move and he was fighting back. Thankfully, both tests were negative. To be honest, I don’t know how he would have caught it. We rarely go out except the grocery store when we don’t receive everything in the delivery or the pharmacy, I disinfect everything I bring back in and I wash my hands so many times that it is almost an obsession now… Every time someone comes too close to me, I worry. Just the other day, someone coughed in front of me at the store… now I worry… It has become OCD and anxiety.

Now, with all the tests we have to get done, is that safe? They say to limit your outings… well… every time we have to do a covid test, we risk contracting it? If you have kids, you know that they always have a runny nose, they always get a cold, especially the first year… This feels like it’s gonna be a long long year ahead of us…

Let’s hope 2021 goes by quickly and they find a solution for this stupid virus… Please let’s all do our part in keeping everyone safe. If you or someone living with you is sick, stay home.

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