Welcome to my blog!

Here you will find posts about my thoughts, my journey, updates on my pets and whatever my mind comes with.

If you’ve made your way to this point, welcome to my site! If you are a current follower, thank you for sticking around and for your continuous support my messy journey to blogging!

Life is full of surprises, challenges, and new experiences. This blog won’t have a specific topic. This is my space to express, learn and improve myself as well as sharing my knowledge on different topics. In the process, I am hoping I can help other people by showing them they are not alone and help them learn about the topics I love.

I would like this space to be a place of respect, communication, and support.

I have recently started this blog from scratch but I have moved previous posts that can be of interest to you here: melbissonblog.com

Thank you for your support.

If there is some type of posts you like better, don’t hesitate to let me know and I will try to incorporate more of those if possible.