We Have to Keep Ourselves Healthy for our Little ones

When I became a mom 10 months ago, I promised myself that I will keep myself healthy as much as possible for my son. I want to make sure I live long enough to see my son grow and have kids of his own. By the time he’s 30, I will be 70.

Let me tell you, this is a huge promise and not an easy one. With the COVID-19 pandemic going on, it is hard to motivate yourself to stay active and eat well. I don’t know if you do the same, but it seems we are ordering more take-out and doing recipes that is more comfort food. I buy snacks that I usually wouldn’t.

With gyms closed and in my opinion, I wouldn’t even try to go to a gym. I am a bit scared to catch that virus, so I try to keep my contact very limited. I know the gym owners are doing a great job at disinfecting everything, but still. What’s left for me is doing things at home or outside which is very challenging.

I do try to go for a 5 km run at least twice a week, but I don’t think it’s enough. I make myself feel better by telling myself that at least I do go for those runs, but in my head, this isn’t enough to keep myself healthy, but the situation makes it very difficult.

Every time my husband and I try to do better, we fall into the trap of mutual encouragement of getting that take-out, bag of chips or that drink. Something that we could easily cut, but we still don’t. It is almost like an addiction. When your support person doesn’t help, it is just meant to fail.

Am I the only one struggling with this? What do you do to go back on track?

Tomorrow is a new day, a new beginning.

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