You’re 10 months old…

Wow! How time is flying by so fast. In 2 more months you will be 1 year old. This makes me sad because you will no longer be considered as a baby. You will be graduating to toddlerhood. In the same time, I am so proud of you. You have accomplished so much!

You are walking with a walker since you’re 9 month old. Now you’re almost running with it and I can see that you’re preparing to try to walk on your own, but you still need to find trust and confidence in yourself.

You started to sit on your own just a few week ago and mommy is so proud of you!

Each day you make new noises! You have these long conversation with us. We don’t understand you, but it is so funny to hear you babble away.

You love throwing things around. Mommy is trying to teach you to put blocks in a bin, but you rather want them out of it and making noise by dumping blocks all over the floor.

You experimented the swing for the first time. You are so calm in it, enjoying the ride, you don’t want to come off it because you loved it so much!

You were miserable for a few weeks. Your top teeth are finally coming out.

You are not sleeping well lately, probably more teeth are coming soon. Mommy hate to see you cry and she wants to cuddle you, but you don’t want to, unless you decide that you want to be cuddled. You have been playing tricks with us the past few days. One day you sleep the whole night, others you cry for 2 hours and we don’t know why.

You have such a strong personality already. We love you as you are! Your smile always brighten our day.

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