I Cannot Make It (Reblog)

Assisted suicide is still something to debate on but thinking deeply in the subject, who deserves to live in pain? Knowing 100% that your life is soon going to end or that you will be a burden to someone else when your health is about to degrade to a point of not being able to take care of yourself and/or for you to be in silent pain not able to do anything about it isn’t fair for no one.

This poem is beautiful and tells what it is. Leaving with dignity and happy and have others remember you that way instead of in pain and unwell. I think I would choose that too, but only if there were absolutely no chances of recovery.

Photo by Yuris Alhumaydy on Unsplash

Go Dog Go Café

I came across the story of a young girl, who chose assisted suicide, due to her health problems. It is legal in her country. The story was moving, and inspired a poem.

I love you all

And I love this world

I love Life

I love the idea of being in love

But I know

I cannot make it.

Living in this body

wears and tears me out

pain bursting from inside

patience is burning out.

It promises Rebirth

Death sure has a clout.

To find God

Or a mother again

It promises a new start,

This is not a goodbye

I may see you again

with a prettier face and heart.

I am happiness

I am a spirit of joy

Let me experience

the lightness of being.

The spell of the unbound

till I choose to break it.

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