Living in Uncertainty Compromises Our Decisions…

Murders, kidnappings, bombings… Learning about the atrocities that happen around us every day makes me wonder where this world’s going… 

Last Friday, a 14-year-old got killed in a park a few blocks away from our house. We often go by that area on our runs. This is scary…

Living in the uncertainty for our safety is not what I had imagined for the future.

It seems like the more the years go by the more crimes there are. Instead of being a better population, we are degrading to being savages. Instead of going towards peace, we’re going toward war?

What’s happening to us? For many years and even today, I am unsure if I want kids. This isn’t convincing for me to bring a new life into this world. 

The thing is… as I am approaching the 40’s, I need to make a decision quick and I don’t know what to do because I think of all the things that are happening around us. 

I may be overthinking everything, but when the future looks bad, how can I think of bringing a new life into it? Will I be able to keep them safe?

Here I am questioning myself and as the time goes by I may lose the opportunity of having a family of my own because of uncertainty… Am I the only one feeling this way?

This is just one example of uncertainty compromising decisions, but not the only one. If you have other examples and would like to share, I would love to hear your stories.

Photo by Vladislav Babienko on Unsplash

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