Finding Happiness

Many years of my life we wasted from trying to make everyone around me happy. The fact is, it is not possible to make everybody happy. There will always be someone that won’t be. Year after year, it’s the same. As the years go by, it becomes a burden and you become unhappy because you put everyone else first and you always think of what others will think of you.

The truth is, you have to put yourself first. You have to stop caring at what people may think of you. Only you can make YOU happy. 

Many times I didn’t do something because I was scared of what others may think or I overthink every single detail. You lose opportunities, you miss your chance on new adventures that could have possibly changed your life or brought it to a completely different direction.

It is YOUR life. You need to enjoy it while it last as we don’t know what will come our way or how long it will last. 

Do what makes you happy. If getting a new pet is what makes you happy, do it! If you enjoy giving, do it without expecting anything in return. Go on that trip! Create a new adventure! Make plans with your significant other.

The key is to do it for you, not for others. Don’t ever expect anything in return. Let go of the unnecessary and be happy!

To this day, I am still learning to put it in practice, but every day I try to keep myself on the right path of becoming the happiest me.


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