The Mom Win Wasn’t a Win After All…

Well, that was disappointing. The sleep through the night was just one-off. He woke up a 2 am as usual and didn’t just want his pacifier, he wanted his bottle.

The good thing is that on weekends, my husband wakes up to do the night shift and lucky for him, after his bottle, he went back to sleep easy.

Why doesn’t he do that for me too? Why can’t he go back to sleep right away? That is not fair. 😆

Maybe he will sleep tonight. That is the hope we have every single night, nothing wrong to be optimistic.

Today, I felt a little blue because I went to the store trying to find a tunnel for him to play with. I feel he would love to crawl in it and I didn’t find one.

I’m not sure why I felt that way. Maybe it’s because we are limited on what we can do during this pandemic, and I wanted to have something new for him to have fun with.

Anyway, I know it’s lame because I am sure he’s doing just fine. I guess this is a mom thing. 🙂

Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

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