Dear Leaf blower guy… Did you know?

Dear leaf blower guy…

Did you know that after the rain, blowing the leaves will take double the time? Did you know that some people are trying to have their kids down for a nap? Did you know some people need their full concentration to work?

We live in a townhouse complex, and the maintenance guys always come once a week to cut the grass, take away the leaves that fell, but for some reason, they take the longest time to do it, and they are usually four people. Can you imagine all of them using their leaf blower at the same time? They are not consistent in their timing either!

My husband is trying to work upstairs, and me trying to put the baby to sleep for his afternoon nap. I saw them pass in the same spot four times and carrying their pile of leaves around. It rained this morning, and that must not be an easy task to blow the leaves. Why can’t they wait until it dries off a bit? To me, it doesn’t make sense and seems to be time-wasting.

Sometimes I think that it is more time consuming with a leaf blower than use a rake… Yes it can be useful to clear the leaves in difficult to access spots, but is it necessary to make all the noises and for half of the afternoon?

This is it for now with my ranting. Do you guys have disturbances that affect your daily life?

Photo by Matthew Hamilton on Unsplash

2 responses to “Dear Leaf blower guy… Did you know?”

  1. That sounds like such a pain! This past summer we had so many people re-doing their driveways, which happens every year, but because this is the first time I’ve been home during the day boy was it SO loud and annoying! All I want to do is work in peace! I can only imagine trying to put a baby down for a nap in the noise!

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