Melanie Bisson


All I remember from the day I learned I had cancer was the fear, the sadness and the despair I felt.
Tout ce dont je me souviens du jour où j’ai appris que j’avais le cancer, c’est la peur, la tristesse et le désespoir que je ressentais.

Monday I had my post-operative follow-up appointment. Everything looks good and they will follow me closely every 3 months. My prognosis looks very good so far, but what’s most shocking is that they are not sure if the cancer they orginally diagnosed me with is the correct one. They think it might be something else. The pathologist is doing more tests to figure out what it really is. If my cancer ends… Read More

Two weeks ago, I had my surgery. Things went well. They were able to remove the main tumour as well as 4 wedges of my right lung. Part of me is relieved, part of me is worried that they may have missed something. Many people are telling me to focus on the now and stop worrying on the things that hasn’t happened yet and that you can’t control. It is true, I… Read More