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Hi guys! Today on #FoodFriday, I would like to share this easy and comforting recipe. ***Beware! It is addictive!*** I have tried a few different Mac & Cheese recipe, but this one seem to be the tastiest one and it’s so easy to make! This Mac & Cheese from Terry Crews family recipe will be one of your go-to comfort food from now on! Love cheese and pasta? Look no further! This… Read More

Hi everyone, Today for #FoodFriday I would like to share another yummy recipe that I discovered this week from Cooking Light. At first, I wasn’t sure about it but told myself I would try it anyway. Let me tell ya, I was surprised. I don’t cook with sage a lot, that’s why I wasn’t sure but I am glad I tried it! It’s not only simple, but it also doesn’t require a… Read More

Hi everyone, Today on #FoodFriday, I would like to share with you a recipe from the American Heart Association. I came across this recipe into a monthly email that I receive from my gym. If you are looking for a simple, light lunch idea, this is a good recipe. It’s healthy and low calories. You can always eat it with a slice of toast with avocado or just a nice piece of… Read More

Hello everyone, You probably noticed that I have reposted some of the posts from my other blog. I am sorry for those who have seen these post already. I got inspired by a friend today that mentioned to me that she was overwhelmed when it comes to cooking. I can relate of course, but she has kids and I can’t imagine how hard it would be to manage everything. So I thought… Read More

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Hello everyone, Today is #FoodFriday! In the quest for healthy eating, I’ve come across this recipe that I would like to share with all you. Grilled Caprese Salad from the Good Housekeeping website. With the cost of food getting higher, I always try to find recipes with minimal ingredients to lower the cost for grocery. Let’s just say this recipe is…