Melanie Bisson


Gratitude Challenge

I can’t believe it’s December already! I thought since it’s the last month of the year that I would do a gratitude challenge. You are welcome to join me for this by using #MBBDecemberGratitude and #ccsgratitude if you want. I will post 1 thing every day that I am grateful for. Having cancer often opens your eyes to things you don’t think about in normal circumstances. Although we go through hell, we always manage… Read More

All I remember from the day I learned I had cancer was the fear, the sadness and the despair I felt.
Tout ce dont je me souviens du jour où j’ai appris que j’avais le cancer, c’est la peur, la tristesse et le désespoir que je ressentais.

Dear Me, Things have changed in the past couple of years. You became the mother of a beautiful boy whom you love unconditionally. You never thought you could love a human being this much. You raised this little being in the middle of a pandemic which made it very difficult for you and possibly created delays in your child’s development because you didn’t have the support and help that you could have… Read More

Monday I had my post-operative follow-up appointment. Everything looks good and they will follow me closely every 3 months. My prognosis looks very good so far, but what’s most shocking is that they are not sure if the cancer they orginally diagnosed me with is the correct one. They think it might be something else. The pathologist is doing more tests to figure out what it really is. If my cancer ends… Read More

Walking is my time for reflection. Since I learned about my cancer, I think a lot. But ever since I finished my chemo treatments, it seems like I’ve been thinking a lot more.

I guess we can describe all my thoughts as soul-searching.

La marche est mon temps de réflexion. Quand j’ai appris pour mon cancer, je réfléchissais beaucoup. Mais depuis que j’ai terminé mes traitements de chimiothérapie, il me semble que je réfléchis beaucoup plus.

Je suppose que nous pouvons décrire toutes mes pensées comme une introspection.