Cancer Journey: Exploring Healing Through the Chakras

I have been taking free classes through Wellspring recently to help me with my cancer journey with the hope to accept the person I have become and what has happened in the past year, heal from the trauma I have been through and hopefully find and be a better version of myself.

Today was the start of an online meditation series about healing through the Chakras. I was skeptical at first. I didn’t know much about Chakras and was curious about them and since it is free, I took the class with the thought that I don’t lose anything by trying it out and that I could only gain from it. With what I experienced today, I am starting to believe that it could actually help me more than I thought it could.

As we were doing the practice, we were going through the different chakras. We would use mudras and breathing exercises. When it came to the 3rd Chakra, I started crying. I was in a good mood prior and my thoughts were positive. So I had no reason to cry at that time. We were not talking about anything that could make me cry. I was overwhelmed by how powerful it was and that was with a few distractions. Then we were at the last chakra and I felt the buzzing of energy in my hands. It was strange.

I am scared to try to do it in a quiet time, but it feels like I need to do this and that it could help me release the negativity and possibly even help me with the healing process.

Any readers have experienced something like that? I would love to hear your story.

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