Mom struggle #2: Trusting your child is eating enough

As a mom, you always want to make sure your child has enough to eat. You tell yourself that if he doesn’t eat, he doesn’t get the nutrient he needs to be healthy.

My son has been a picky eater ever since he was ready for solid food. It has been a challenge and hard to let go.

I always tried to find something that he would eat and gave him multiple options to make sure he had food in him.

Now he’s two and still is a picky eater. Sometimes he just looks at the food and doesn’t even try it before telling us he doesn’t want it. He doesn’t know if it’s good or not. He would eat a banana or goldfish though, so he’s hungry.

I was told by his doctor that if I keep giving him multiple options like this, he will never eat the food on the table and it will get challenging when he’s a teenager. It put things into a different perspective.

Believe me, I am still struggling with this, but it’s getting better. I have started to not give second or third options. I was told that toddlers know what they need. Part of me wants to believe this and the other is skeptical, but ever since we started doing this, he started to try things and eat more, so this must be right.

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