Halfway point!

This Monday was my third chemo, which marked the half way point of my treatment. Three down, three to go!

I find this week was a bit harsher on me than the last cycle of chemo. The nauseas were more intense. All week, I didn’t feel so well. One day, I actually slept 14 hours just to go pass the nausea stage.

During the first week post chemo always makes me feel useless. All I do is sleep, eat and sleep again. I can’t be standing straight for too long. I have to think that this is only temporary and this will get better from now until my next treatment.

Being at the half way mark brings me a little of anxiety because that means they will also check the progress of my treatment.

Next week, on June 17th, I will be going for a CT scan. We will soon know if this treatment is working. I really hope this test will bing some good news and bring some light in my life.

Although I am not a fan of getting a surgery, I really need to have it, so I can live longer and hopefully be cancer free.

That’s my wish and hope anyway.

One response to “Halfway point!”

  1. You are strong and beautiful!!! Keeps your hopes up and believe in it! You are half way through a bumpy road… only to get to a more calm and peaceful road ahead with the 2 men of your life! ❤️

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