Being your own imposter

I have recently started to listen “The mom room” podcast and let me tell you, Renee, the host, is spot on and so real about the subject of being a mom and how we can bring ourselves down easily.

As a new mom, I have been putting a lot of pressure on myself. I have been very unsure of myself and questioning about my way of parenting and if I was doing the right things.

I can’t believe my son is almost 9 month old and I still feel so insecure. I am sure I will be for the rest of my life because there is so many stage in the life of a child. It will never stop changing.

In the posdcast, she defines momposters as a mom who’s suffer self-doubt, compare to others, fear of judgment and feeling inadequate.

I feel a bit guilty of doing this. I know someone that I follow on Instagram that has a kid about the same age as my son. Every time I see a milestone that my son didn’t achieve yet, I wonder if I am doing things right. Maybe there is something I am not doing.

The pandemic doesn’t help with that as we are confined and not able to see other people and talk to other moms and I have to tell myself that I am doing my best.

I’ve been following groups on facebook and asking questions, but it is not the same and often you compare yourself and the advices you get makes you feel bad…

I have to remember that each child is different and he will do things on his own pace.

Sometimes, there is questions that you hesitate to ask because you don’t want to be judged and that increases self-doubt.

The episode of the podcast made me realize that social media can lead to comparing to others and to be honest, depending on who you follow, it could be false representation, but still we compare ourselves to those.

What I took from the episode is to stop comparing yourself, be yourself, take advises you need and leave those that doesn’t apply or don’t work for you to the side and just do your best.

A child doesn’t come with an instruction manual and each one of them are different and only you can raise your kid with your own values and beliefs.

Let see if I can apply these from now on… 🙂

Until next time, have a wonderful day!

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