Living VS Surviving

As I was going through my wordpress reader, I came across this post by Pointless Overthinking which was asking “What is the difference between Living and Surviving?”.

I thought I would answer in my own post.

In my opinion, surviving is living paycheck to paycheck, scraping every penny to make the ends meet. Working your ass off with no rewards, struggling, fighting to stay afloat… no money to have fun. Pretty much living to work and pay bills and that’s it.

In the contrary, living is to work to live. You go to work to be able to enjoy your life. Finding time for hobbies, have fun. Living is part of happiness. Not worrying about the basic things.

Unfortunately, it’s sad to say that not a lot of people are able to live at the fullest. I would say, most of us are in between surviving and living. Most of us are hoping to retire one day, but only part of us will be able to…

Very sad…

In your opinion, what is the difference between the two?

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