CAPTION THIS! | A Photo a Week Challenge: Meme Worthy Photos

When I saw this photo challenge today, I couldn’t resist sharing this picture. I originally posted this photo on a Facebook Group page and someone captioned it as below:

I thought it was so funny and the exact face we do when it happens.

Let’s have some fun! I’ve added more picture below. If you have other captions for these pictures and don’t mind sharing them with me. Maybe I can make new memes and share them with all of you later and hopefully add some humor to your day!

Can you Caption these? I have added numbers to each picture so you can choose which image(s) you want to caption. I will choose the funniest ones. Have fun with this!

I am looking forward to what you can come with. I hope some of you will participate. 🙂

Just an idea… maybe I can make it a regular thing and some of you can submit your photos and I can share them with the world? Would this be something of interests?

Have fun!

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