… An Unlikely Event …

It was a beautiful day in the Caribbeans. We were on the side of the pool at a beautiful resort and we’ve met this group of people and we had fun and drinking nice cocktails.

Out of a sudden, John Mayer was there telling jokes in the hot tub adjacent to the pool. He was so funny and was crying with laughter. I couldn’t leave his sight. He’s my favorite artist and I was taking advantage of being so close to a celebrity. How often does this happen right?

After approximately an hour, we heard gunshots! Everyone was running in different directions to find a hiding spot. There were so many shots fired, I swear there was more than one shooter. What were they after? Why are they doing this? This seemed unreal!

We were close to the buffet and I was able to find cover in the kitchen, under a table, and at that point, everything became a blur.

That’s when I woke up!

It has been a while since I had a dream I could remember. Most of my dreams don’t make sense… I am not sure what this one meant, but it was disturbing. One thing for sure, meeting John Mayer at a resort and be so close to him is unlikely to happen. For the mass shooting… I am not sure why this was in my dream… maybe I watch too many crime movies? 🙂

Do you like these type of stories? Let me know, maybe I can share my disturbing, non-sense dreams. 🙂

Photo by Jordan Steranka on Unsplash

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