Hello everyone,

Are you looking into adopting your first crested gecko or you’re just curious and exploring the idea? If the answer is yes, here is a list of items you will need for a basic and economical setup:

The size of the bin you’ll get depends on the size if the gecko you get. If you are getting a baby or juvenile,  you can probably find a container at the dollar store for cheap. The one I got with my gecko as a starter kit which can last for about 1 year was about 14w x 11d x 7h. All you have to do is making holes on the sides and you are set. Just make sure there are no sharp edges as the skins of the crested gecko is delicate and you don’t want it to get hurt.  

If you decide to go all out with the enclosure, you can get glass terrarium, but it can get costly. Just be careful that it is not too big for your gecko as you want them to find its food. You can always divide your tank if you really want to go that route. 

I would suggest to keep it in a smaller tub until it reaches 8-10g.

Once you have bought all you need for your gecko, you are now ready to set up your bin.

Basic Crested Gecko Setup
  1. Add a layer of paper towel at the bottom. (Paper towel is the #1 substrate for many people as it is less prone to bacteria and you can easily put a new one when soiled.)
  2. *Add the thermometer (this is optional but safer. If your house isn’t keeping the temperature above 17˚C you will need to monitor the temperature.)
  3. Place your hide in a corner or wherever you feel it will be best. (You can also add an empty paper towel roll. They like to hide in there)
  4. Place the fake plant as you like.
  5. Place your food dish and add some water and prepared food mix. (Food must be replaced every 2 days no matter if it got eaten or not.)
  6. Mist everything, but don’t overdo it. Make sure the walls and plant have some as the gecko will likely drink from that. The water dish is for in case it gets too dry. (Mist twice a day. In the morning and at night, leaving the time for things to dry in between. The humidity must be kept between 50% to 70%.)
  7. Introduce your gecko.
  8. Make sure to close the lid properly. 🙂

You don’t need to break the bank when you first get your gecko. Of course, you can make it a lot prettier with a nice glass terrarium, but when your gecko is still young, it is always preferable to keep it in a smaller and less crowded space. That way your gecko can get used to you and it will be easier to care for at first.

**** If you have any questions about crested geckos, don’t hesitate to comment below or send me a quick message through my contact page and I will answer at the best of my ability or will get the answer for you through a proper channel.

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