Everyone Has A Story (Reblog)

It is true. Everyone has a story. It is important to listen to the stories they have to tell or show us. They could have a huge impact on their lives and ours. Someone can come into your life for only a minute and their story would touch you and change your perspective on things. Sometimes, you don’t need to meet a person, but read at what they have to say and it will impact your life.

I think this post relates a lot to my previous post about mental health. It is important to listen and acknowledge you have been listening.

You never know, this simple thing can help someone who’s struggling.

The Mind Connectory

When you look around in society you notice many people, but how many of them do you actually tie no prejudice or assumptions to? It’s hard wired within us to make assumptions, but it can often be a limiting trait.

Here’s how it works. You see a ferocious dog with extremely sharp teeth, is fear an immediate response for most people? Probably, yes. There’s sufficient grounds for this – we’re afraid because we believe a danger exists and this is passed down through generations. The human brain has adapted different responses to different situations – one of them being perceived danger.

So why do we naturally make so many assumptions about the people around us? I think the main reason is just a fear of the unknown, we’ve learned to tie fear to the things that we are uncertain of rather than tying a sense of opportunity. This can be…

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