For the longest time, I wasn’t a fan of reptiles. I wasn’t really an interest of mine. That’s what I thought until I realized that it goes way back to my childhood memories when visiting my grandparents who lived near a lake…

I grew up speaking French most of my life and my mother came from New-Brunswick which is mostly English speaking. My grandparents were English and we had a communication barrier between us. It didn’t stop my grandpa. I still remember those memories of going with him at the lake capturing little frogs in a bucket of water. That was our fun activity with him. We were putting them back in the lake of course if you were wondering.

Thinking of it today, it was a bit cruel to capture frogs, but it was great quality and bonding times spent with my grandpa, especially that we were going there once or twice a year. I will always remember those fun times.

I think loving reptiles could somehow be related to my childhood memories. Crested geckos kinda look like frogs, don’t they. 🙂

Coming back to the present where I got hooked…

One day, we were at the pet store looking at the reptiles section. I was curious about what we have to feed them. Asked the lady there if it was mandatory to give them insects and if there was another way of feeding them. She mentioned of a lizard that eats smoothy. I was like smoothy?? That hit my curiosity and so we decided by curiosity to go to a pet expo in my area as a casual visit and with no intention in mind. It was just meant to be an informative and learning visit.

I looked at those foreign creatures, a bit scared of them until one of the exhibitors asked us if we wanted to hold a crested gecko. He mentioned that it didn’t need to eat insects. That was it, that was the lizard she was talking about. My husband was the first to take it and found it so soft and it was so calm that I had to do it too. That’s the pivotal moment in my journey of owning geckos!

We bought our first little gecko in October. It was and still is so interesting and fascinating! I’ve been hooked ever since. After a month having our crested gecko, the curiosity went further and I was looking at leopard geckos. In November, I got my first leopard gecko.

I was surprised at how easy it was to take care of a leopard gecko. So I decided I wanted the pair, one male, and one female. So I asked my husband if I could get another leopard gecko for Christmas… So I did!

That make 3 geckos in a matter of 3 months. It is really addictive!

So now here I am, it’s the end of January and like I said a bit earlier, I wanted to have the pairs. Our crested gecko was too small to know if it was a female or male in early December so we couldn’t get another one until we knew.

I’ve told myself that I would wait in April. But guess what…

I couldn’t wait that long when I saw this red crested gecko on my breeder’s Facebook page and I wanted to get it.

I now have 4 geckos and loving it. They all have their own personalities and it’s amazing how interesting those little creatures are. I never was interested enough about something to learn about it in depth.

I would love to have more, maybe a chahoua and/or leachie but I need to draw a line at some point. Maybe once my dogs are no longer in the picture. 🙂

Time will tell…

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