Be Kind — Everyone’s Fighting A Battle

This is so true, be kind to others. You don’t know what they are going through.

Wise & Shine

Either Help Them Or Fight YourOwn

I’m not going to stress over using a lot of subtitles here. I’ll right get to the point.

grown a long nose. It’s a bizarre truth. But it is. And the second ugly
truth is that the nose has got real pokey. I mean REALLY pokey. It’s
disturbing people a lot.

are trying to focus. But they can’t! Since they fear that a nose might
poke into their lives and smell something “fishy.” 🙄

Every step a person takes, he/she has to check whether a nose is approaching him/her or no.

“What are you doing? Are you supposed to do stuff like this? What about your career? How will you manage your expenses?”

your deal? I am going to fight my battle the way I want to. I’ll use a
spear. Because I assume it’s right to do so. You think…

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