GD: PMS Colors showing as CMYK when creating a PDF

Hello everyone,

Have you ever had an issue with your PMS colors showing up as CMYK when doing a PDF?

As graphic designers, there is always something new to learn. Maybe this is something you know already, but in my case, I haven’t worked often with PMS colors in the past and today, as I encountered an issue with printing PMS colors, I have learned something and wanted to share the solution with you all with the hope of maybe help at least 1 person. 

At first, I was worried that it will be so much work as the document had a lot of pages with PMS colors, but it ended up being the easiest fix ever, which I was extremely happy about. 🙂

Of course, it can be a bigger issue than this, but this is probably the first thing you should look for if you are having that issue and ruled out that your file was not CMYK at the first place.

All you have to do, is go into the Ink manager and remove a check box stating All spots to process. Voilà! this is the magic solution! So simple! 🙂

When you create your PDF, make sure to go in the Output section 
and click the Ink Manager button.

I hope I was able to help someone with this little trick I found today. 🙂

‘Til next time. Enjoy!

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