PEACE-LOVE WRITER AWARD from Patrick Stories Blog

Hi Guys,

I came across this award program from Patrick Stories which I think is a great idea! I find this is a step to increase awareness and promote love and peace. If we were all on board, this could be a way to make a difference. There so much hate and violence on this planet, we need to do what we can to make a better world. Any steps, no matter how big or small, is worth doing! Go check it out!

Peace-Love Writer Award is created by Blogger PATRICKSTORIES on the 1st of April 2018. The award was created because of the spreading of peace and love image used by PATRICKSTORIES Again the passion which Patrick stories intend to touch peoples life through his writings and works about peace and love. […]


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  1. thanks so much for what you did. i appreciate that very much.

    I am trying to promote the peace-love award just like the other award we have here on wordpress. You have been selected for this award. I will be happy if you appreciation is showed on the comment box with the link provided below. Again, you follow the criterias for the best 5 nominees of yours also.

    Peace ✌and Love ❤

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  1. Thank you – A Voice from Iran

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